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Making the Most of the Waiting List Feature

Typical waiting lists might be a bit dull, but with TicketingHub, we've turned waiting lists into a dynamic, user-friendly feature. Our unique approach allows you to gauge customer interest in dates that aren't yet available for booking, enabling you to determine which potential dates are most in-demand. This way, you can prioritize the tours that are most likely to fill up and skip those that are less popular

For instance, one of our clients discovered a surge of interest for tours on Thursdays. By introducing Thursday tours based on this information, they significantly increased their annual turnover.

This guide will walk you through how to use the TicketingHub waiting list feature effectively.

QUICK LINKS: How to activate the waiting list
Activating the Waiting List
Customer Experience on the Waiting List
Supplier Notifications and Management

Activating the Waiting List

Setting up the waiting list feature for your account is straightforward.

Navigate to .
Select the product.
Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Edit.
Click the Waiting List Enabled to enable the feature.
Click Update Product to save changes.

Step 1: Dashboard > Select the product (or the tour)

Step 2: Go to Product Settings > Advanced Settings

Step 3: Click Edit to customize tour settings

Step 4: Tick the Waiting List Enabled box > Input Google Forms Link (if you have a custom waiting list sheet)

Note: If you leave the space under 'Waiting List Enabled' blank, it will direct clients to the TicketingHub Waiting List. Alternatively, you can insert a link to your own waiting list (for instance, a Google Form).

Step 5: Click Update Product to save changes

Customer Experience on the Waiting List

From a customer's perspective, the waiting list feature is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The customer will find an option to join the waiting list at the bottom of the widget:

"No suitable date? Join the waiting list!"

This message can be customized to fit your brand's tone and language using a custom translation file (please contact us for assistance with this).

Join waiting list button

Upon selecting the 'Join Waiting List' option, the customer is redirected to the waiting list page. Here, they can choose more than one date that works for them.

Example of waiting list page here

The customer can then enter their information and select their preferred dates.

Customer adds his information and dates

Supplier Notifications and Management

As a supplier, the waiting list feature offers you an easy way to manage potential bookings.

On your Dashboard > Click on Waiting List to view all customers who've expressed interest in your tours.
By clicking on a specific date or navigating to your manifest page, you'll see a red bubble if you have customers in the waiting list for that date.
Select the user(s) you want to contact.
Use the Broadcast Message function to send messages to users in the waiting list, informing them of availability, updates, or other relevant information. You can choose to send these messages via SMS or email, as per your preference.

Do you know that SMS has 500% better open rate than email? Read our blog to learn more.

Step 1: Dashboard > Waiting List

Step 2: See who's in your waiting list. From here, click on a specific date to open the Manifest page.

Step 3: Manifest Page > Click on waiting list (Red bubble indicates the number of guests on your waiting list)

Step 4: Select the user(s)

Step 5: Click on 'Broadcast Message' to send messages to users in the waiting list

Choose to send message via SMS or email

Harness the potential of TicketingHub's Waiting List feature to maximize your bookings and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Updated on: 26/06/2023

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