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Typical waiting lists are boring, it's a cool feature to add people to a waiting-list.

Enter TicketingHub waiting list, not like other waiting lists we allow you to see if people would be interested in booking dates that don't currently exist and see what dates would work for them.. This way you can focus on filling up the tours and skip the ones where no one wants to book.

Our client was able to see that they had a lot of interest on Thursday and open Thursday tours which was a huge success increasing here yearly turnover.


How to activate your Waiting listActivating the waiting list
What your customers sees.How it works for your customer
What you see as a supplierYour notifications

How to activate your Waiting list

Navigate to Features and activate waiting list

Click on the + button

Activate Waiting list for your account

Activate Waiting List

Go to the product you want to activate it for

Select your product

Go to Product settings by Clicking "Settings"

Click on Settings

Click "edit" Product Settings

Click "Edit"

Click "Advanced Settings"

Click "Advanced Settings"

Click "Waiting List Enabled"

Click waiting list enabled

If you leave the space under blank it will direct clients to the TicketingHub Waiting list, alternatively you can put a link to your own waiting list (google Form..)

Click Update Product.

Click Update Product

What your customers sees

The customer gets an a box at the bottom of the widget with an option to join the waiting list: "No suitable date? Join waiting list!"

The message can be customised using a custom translation file (please contact us to change it)

Join waiting list button

Customer gets redirected to a waiting list page.

Example of waiting list page here

The customer can select more than one date

Customer adds his information and dates

What you see as a supplier

Click on waiting list

Click on waiting list

Here you can see who's in your waiting list

See who's in your waiting list

Click on a date or go to your manifest page. If you have someone in the waiting list a red bubble will appear.

Click on waiting list

Select the user(s) you want to message.

Select user(s)

Broadcast a message to users in the waiting list

Broadcast Message to users in the waiting list

Select SMS or Email.

Send message via SMS or email

Updated on: 31/10/2022

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