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Provisional Invoices

When working with corporates, and groups, it's often a hassle to take payments to form them. They either can't pay right away and need a pro format invoice sent to their account department or are concerned about giving their cards details over the phone.

Here comes TicketingHub to the rescue, consolidate all your sales into one hub.

Provisional Invoice

A provisional invoice can only be made by a user from the backend or the Outpost (Mobile POS).

Go to Bookings => Create new order / Open an order.

Provisional Invoice

Click on Provisional order then update the Order.

Update Order

And Confirm the order.

This will now send a Pro format invoice to the customer.

To customise the invoice and email

Go to Account settings, Account emails

Click on Account Emails

Edit the Invoice email and Message

Updated on: 29/03/2022

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