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Magic Link for customers to change their bookings

It’s a pain for you and your customers to make changes on their booking. Customers have to call customer support, wait on hold and then talk with an agent. This is bad for your customer experience and bad for you because it takes away from your bottom line.

The Magic Link allows customers to change their booking without calling customer service or waiting in line at the front desk. Just ask them to check the link in their confirmation email that will take them directly to the page where they can make all the changes they need, right there online!

Here is a quick video of how it works:

To se this up,

go to Account settings => advanced settings then select the options you want to offer your clients

Allow clients to change their booking

2. add the code below to the email confirmation
**[Manage Booking]({{manage_booking_url}})**

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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