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Adding a booking

Create a booking order.

How to Create an Order and Make a Booking

Here's a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a booking order.

QUICK LINKS: How to add a booking
1. Create a New Order
Reseller & Provisional Bookings
2. Add Booking
3. Add Customer Information
4. Apply Discount
5. Add a Payment Method
6. Confirm the Order

Here's a video to show how it works:

Create a New Order

To start, you need to create a 'New Order'.

In your TicketingHub dashboard, click on the blue (+) Create button > New Order.

Dashboard > (+) Create > New Order

Under Bookings > Click on Add Booking

New Order > Box Office > Add Booking

If you are adding a booking for a reseller or making a provisional booking

Box Office > Order Information > Click Edit
Select the Reseller
Select the Currency (if not using default currency)
Update Order

Update Order > Fill-in Reseller Details > Select Currency

Add Booking

To add booking:

Click Add Booking (center of screen).
Select a product from the drop menu and click continue.
Add booking options if necessary (or just click continue).
Choose the number of tickets and customize the price for a Custom or Private Tour.
Choose an available date and time, or select 'Voucher' or 'Custom Tour' and click 'Create a Booking'.
Add Upsells, questions, and taxes where appropriate (or just click continue).

Add Booking > Fill-in booking details

Note: If you select 'Group Booking', the customer only receives one ticket for the booking.

Add Customer Information

Adding customer information is straightforward:

Click inside the Customer Information box
Add the customer's name (if they've previously booked, it will default)
If they're a new customer, enter their name and click Create Customer
Fill in their full name, email address, and telephone number.
Click Create Customer

Box Office > Customer Information > Type Customer's Name (Existing customer or a New customer)

Apply Discount

You have the option to edit the ticket price or apply a discount to the order.

After completing a New Booking, you will be redirected to the Box Office > Discounts > Add Discount

Add a Payment Method

To add a payment method:

Click Add Payment (bottom right)
Select the payment type (Learn more about different payment types here)
Enter bank card details (if credit/debit card payment is your choice)
Confirm the price/amount to be charged
Click Create Payment (The balance should be zero after the purchase)

To request payments: Click on 'Add Payment Request' and/or to Add Payment: Add Payment > Choose Payment Method > Fill-in > Create Payment

Confirm the Order

Click the green Confirm Order button (bottom right).

This will automatically send an email with the ticket(s) to the customer.

See bottom right of the Box Office > Click on Confirm Order

PLEASE NOTE: To change existing bookings (cancel, refund, partial refund, add extra customers, create additional payments, change dates and times, etc), please refer to Amending Bookings.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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