How to create an order and make a booking

box office

Add a Booking

Log into your TH account
Click on "bookings"
Click on the dark blue "Create Booking" button (top right)

Not Mandatory - Assign reseller or Provisional Booking

is it's a provisional Booking
The currency (if not using your default currency)
The reseller
Click "Create Order"

Add Bookings

Click "Add Booking" (centre of screen)

Click Add booking

Select product from the drop menu and click continue

Select a Product

Add booking options if necessary (or just click continue)

Choose the number of tickets and customise the price for a Custom or Private Tour.

Customise the price for private tours

Choose an available date and time, or select Voucher or select Custom Tour and click create a booking.

if you select Group Booking the customer only gets one ticket for the booking.

Select date and time, or custom tour time or Voucher booking

Add Upsells, questions and taxes where appropriate (or just click continue)

Customer Info

Customer information first - click inside the box
Add name (if they've previously booked it will default
If they're a new customer enter customer name and click "Create Customer"
You only need to fill in their full name, email address and telephone number
Click Create customer


Add Payment

Click "Add Payment" (bottom right)

Add Payment method

Select payment type - See here for different payment types
Enter bank card details (if credit/debit card payment is your choice)

Card Payment

Confirm price/amount to be a charge
Click "Create Payment" (balance should be zero after purchase)

Confirm the order

Click the green "Confirm Order" button (bottom right)

This will automatically send an email with the ticket/s to the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: To change existing bookings (cancel, refund, partial refund, add extra customers, create additional payments, change dates and times, etc), please refer to the "Changing, cancelling or refunding existing bookings" section for further information.*
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