This article shows you how a TicketingHub supplier can connect to Get Your Guide via direct API integration. 

  1. Make sure you map your Tier (Ticket Types)
  2. Create a reseller for Get Your Guide 
  3.  Take the product ID and add it on your GYG account
  4. That's it!

1.  Mapping your Tiers. 

Product =>  Tickets => edit Tier => add  Tier Type and Mapping

2. Creating a reseller 

Click on Resellers =>  Create New Reseller

Name: Get your guide

Payment Model: Wholesale

Email: Any

Password: Not mandatory

Online Travel Agent (OTA): GET YOUR GUIDE

3. Product ID

The product ID can be found in the URL once you open a Product on TicketingHub

4. Add the Product ID in Get Your Guide