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Creation Date: April 15, 2024

Explore our quick guide on how to set up a reseller on TicketingHub, which helps you expand your sales channels.

Learn to establish reseller accounts, set up commissions, and manage their activities easily.

Two Types of Resellers
Reseller Settings
How to Create a Reseller

Two Types of Resellers

Resellers on Commission

These resellers cannot make bookings without payment. The Payment is taken via your payment gateway and you need to pay the commission back to the reseller.

These resellers are the one who can use the reseller widget, add a widget on their own website or use a unique affiliate link to make a sale.

Resellers on Wholesale

These resellers can have a credit limit for each period and are allowed to make sales without a payment associated to them.

These are resellers can use the API connection or the reseller widget with a login from your website

Reseller Settings

Credit Limit
Invoice Date
Notice Date

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to set a credit limit for resellers like Groupon. This might apply in some case for the second category like hotels you work with, but generally, clients leave the credit limit on infinity.

How to Create a Reseller

1. Click on Resellers

2. Click on Create New Reseller

3. Fill in the fields

4. Optional: Enable send order confirmation notifications and/or allow reseller to cancel order

5. Click on Create Reseller

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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