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Reseller Portal, Affiliate Link, White labelled widget

Make it easy for you and your resellers to manage their sales with TicketingHub.

How to Setup Reseller Portal, Affiliate Link, and White-labeled Widget

This guide will walk you through how TicketingHub allows you to engage with various partners such as bloggers with unique affiliate links, resellers with logins, or embedding your widget on a partner's website. The choice is yours!

QUICK LINKS: Available Options
Reseller Login on your websiteThis gives your resellers direct access to manage their account on your site.
Unique URL for trackingThis enables you to track the traffic and conversions driven by your partners.
Dedicated widget on their website (White-labeled)This allows your partners to seamlessly integrate your booking tool into their website.

How to setup a reseller log-in

Creating a new reseller channel

Dashboard > Channels
Click on Create New Channel
Fill-in details
Save changes by clicking Create Channel

To create a new channel: Dashboard > Channels > Create New Channel > Fill-in > Save by clicking on Create Channel

Creating the Widget

Go to Channels, then click on the channel you created, and then Create New Widget.
Now, configure the widget with all your products. Under Look and Feel > Context, select Reseller Portal.
Next, to decide the user flow, under Look and Feel > Landing, choose between: Calendar First, Tickets First, or Event View.
Click on Publish Changes.
After saving changes, under Preview > click on Copy Widget Code. Then add this code on your website's landing page for resellers and partners.

To create a widget for resellers: Channels > Select the Channel > Create New Widget button > Configure to your branding (and make sure to follow the above settings for Context and User Flow) > Publish Changes to save


Now you have a new channel set up and you also have a widget designed for resellers, to finish setting up, simply Copy + Paste widget code to your unique landing page for resellers.

When done, click on 'Copy Widget Code'

How to Set Up Reseller Referral Codes or Affiliate Links

Creating referral codes or affiliate links for your resellers is a straightforward process with TicketingHub. Here's how you can set it up:

1. Create a Reseller

Start by creating a reseller account in the system.

During this process, you'll have the option to assign a unique Referral code to each reseller. This code will be used for tracking purposes in affiliate marketing campaigns.

Create a reseller: Dashboard > Resellers > Create New Reseller > Fill-in > Set 'Payment Model' as Commission >  Assign a unique Referral Code

2. Incorporate the Referral Code into your URL

The referral code you've created needs to be added to the end of your URL as a parameter. This parameter is "th-referral-code" by default.

Here's an example of what the URL might look like:

You can change "th-reseller-ref" to something simpler like "ref" if you prefer. If you make this change, the URL will look like this:

3. Understanding Cookies for Tracking

A crucial part of this process is understanding how cookies work for tracking. When someone visits your website with the referral code in the URL for the first time, this referral code is stored in a cookie. This way, even if they leave and come back to your website without the referral code in the URL, their subsequent bookings will still be attributed to the reseller thanks to the cookie.

Please note that the page with the widget must be visited at least once with the referral code parameter before a booking is made.

How to create a whitelabeled widget

To provide a reseller with a custom widget, follow these steps:

Create a Separate Channel for the Reseller - We recommend setting up a unique channel specifically for the reseller. This will allow you to manage their widgets separately.
Create Widgets for the Reseller - Next, you'll need to create the widgets that you want the reseller to use. These widgets should be assigned to the reseller's channel that you created in the previous step.
Set Up User Access for the Reseller - If the reseller wants to track their own sales, you can create a user for them with access only to their specific channel. This way, they can monitor their sales without having full access to your entire system.

Let your resellers manage their own sales by giving them User Access specific to Channel Management.

To extend user access:

On your Dashboard > Settings
Navigate to Users
Click on Create New User
Click on the privileges or kind of access you allow.

Updated on: 09/07/2023

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