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Resellers & OTA

There are different ways to work with Resellers

Local hotels using a login
Resellers on Commission or using a Unique link
Groupon, Living Social...
API connectivity

We currently support integration with Viator, Get Your Guide and TripXOXO.

To connect to via API you need to:

Add rates
Create a reseller and assign the rate to this reseller
Create a channel for the reseller.
Pre-printed vouchers for hotels and Reps

Online Vouchers - for Groupon

Online voucher resellers like Groupon, Living Social, Travel Zoo, etc.

Free Sale - Voucher Scan

You’ll also need to attribute a rate to them (how much money you receive from them for each ticket).

Lastly, you’ll need to upload the voucher codes they supply in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: Voucher codes are a single use code that are removed from the public domain upon redemption. Whereas Coupon codes are generated by you for your own promotions and advertising. They're multi-use codes and different to Voucher Codes.

Updated on: 07/01/2022

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