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You've worked hard to create the perfect tour, but you're worried about people booking and then not showing up?

Tour deposits are a great way to ensure that your clients are serious about booking and that they won't back out at the last minute.

Ticketinghub's deposit feature lets your customers pay a small amount upfront to secure their spot on your tour. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your clients are committed to the experience and that you'll be getting paid for your hard work.

How to set up deposits in 6 easy steps:

Navigate to Features and activate waiting list

Click on the + button

Activate Deposits list for your account

Activate Deposits

Go to Deposits in your menu

Click on deposits

Create a new deposit Rule

Create Deposit

Choose the type of deposit

What type of deposit
How much of a discount you want to offer
Does the customer have the option to pay the full amount
How long before the start of the tour do we stop offering the deposits to clients

Select the type of deposit

Assign it to one or more products

Create your deposit

Create the deposit rule

That's it.

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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