1. Connect Payment Gateway
  2. Create a Product
  3. Create Availability
  4. Create Tickets
  5. Create Widget
  6. Start Selling

  1. Connect Payment Gateway

Go to your Account Settings Page

Ticketing Supplier Account Settings

Click blue “Activate” button next to the Payment Gateway of your choice

TicketingHub Payment Gateways Stripe Paypal Spreedly Izettle Sumup

Follow prompts

Please Note: the Spreedly integration is fairly technical therefore please get in touch and we will help connect to your payment gateway of choice. 

Book a call here to get you connected to Spreedly

2. Create Product

TicketingHub - Create a new Product in seconds

3. Create Availability

  1. Click on Availabilities 
  2. Click “Create season” (regular/weekly tours)  Or...   Click “Create Variation (single/infrequent events)
  3. Choose date/s range
  4. Set times and capacities (number of attendees)

4. Create Tickets

  1. Click “Create New Tier
  2. Name your ticket type (adult, child, etc) 
  3. Leave size of a ticket at 1 (unless a family ticket?)
  4. Write a description (how long, what’s includes and why they want to come)
  5. Set price
  6. Set limit maximum amount any one customer can buy
  • For more information about creating Tickets, go to Product => tickets => edit Tiers => Advanced Settings of tier
  •  For Escape Rooms, 24 hours or 48-hour tickets, use Variants
  • It is possible to upsell product. Clicker here to see how Upselling

5. Create Widget

  1. Click “Back to Dashboard” (top left)
  2. Click “Channels”
  3. Click “Create New Channel (top right)
  4. Choose a name (seen only in the backend)
  5. Select product
  6. Click create
  7. Next, click the Light blue “Setup Widget” button
  8. Use the widget settings to set up your widget
  9. Copy the widget code (top right)
  10. Paste widget code into your site

6. Start Selling!