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How to set up taxes and Booking fees

In TicketingHub, you can easily set up custom taxes and fees (booking, card, tip, etc.) for each product, event, ticket type, or extra.


A tax might be "VAT" at 20%.
A fee could be a booking fee you add as a percentage of the checkout value. This could be Nothing (where you absorb our 3% fees), 3% (just to cover our fees), or 6% (to generate extra revenue).

How to set up taxes and booking fees:

Go to your Account Advanced Settings
Create a new tax list
Add taxes or fees to your list
Apply this list to your product(s)

Detailed Steps

Access Account Advanced Settings

Start by visiting your Account Advanced Settings Page.

Settings > Advanced > Tax Lists > Edit Tax List

Dashboard > Settings
Tax List > Edit Tax List

Create a New Tax List

A Tax List is a series of fees that can be applied to a product, extra, or ticket type. You can have multiple Tax Lists, but we recommend keeping it simple.

To create a list, click on Create New Tax List and give your list a memorable name.

Create Tax List > Name it > Click 'Default' if you want this tax to be applied on every new product > Save by clicking on Create Tax List

Add Taxes or Fees to Your List

At this step, you can decide how your charges will appear during the booking process, the percentage you wish to charge, whether fees are added cumulatively, if the Amount is already included in your price (like Taxes), or if it is visible in your reporting as VAT.

On the Tax List page > Add New Tax > Fill-in Name & Amount > Select the options (see definition of terms below) > Create Tax

What the options mean
NameThis is the name as it is shown during the booking process.
AmountThis is a percentage that you want to charge
CumulativeThis means the fees are added cumulatively
IncludedMeans we just show the Amount like Taxes, that is already included in your price
VATClick this to see VAT in your reporting

Apply this List to a Product

Go to Products > Settings > Edit Basic Information Box > Select the Tax List > Update Product

Click on Product
Under Basic Information box > Click Edit
Select the Tax List you created
Save changes by clicking Update Product

If you need to add it per product, please contact your account manager to enable this feature at no extra cost.

That's it! You've successfully set up taxes and fees on TicketingHub.

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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