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How to set up taxes and Booking fees

In TicketingHub, you can set up custom taxes, and fees (booking, card, tip...) per product and event per ticket type or extra.


A tax can be "VAT", ie 20%

A fee can be any booking fee you choose to add as a % of the checkout value. ie: Nothing (absorb our 3% fees), 3% (to only cover our fees) or 6% ( to generate extra revenue).

Here we will show you how to set this up in a few easy steps:


1. Go to Account SettingsGo to your Account Advanced settings page
2. Create a Tax new ListFirst we need to create a tax list in product Advanced settings
3. Add Taxes, Fees, to your listThen add a tax or fee to your list
4. Apply this list to a productNow assign the list to your product(s)

Account Advances settings Page

Go to your Account Advanced settings page

Tax list

Create a new Tax List

A tax list is a series of fees that can be applied to a product, extra or ticket type.

You can have as many Tax list as you'd like but we recommend keeping it simple.

Click on create a Tax List

create a new tax list

Give your list a memorable name

Give your tax list a name

Add Taxes and/or Fees, to your list

create a tax (booking fee, VAT...)

NameThis is the name as it is shown during the booking process.
AmountThis is a percentage that you want to charge
CumulativeThis means the fees are added cumulatively
IncludedMeans we just show the Amount like Taxes, that is already included in your price
VATClick this to see VAT in your reporting

Here are two examples of Tax lists, one with a booking fee and one without.

a) 20% VAT - No Booking Fee

20% VAT

b) 20% VAT - With a Booking Fee

20% VAT + Booking fee

Apply this list to a product

Go to your product settings page and click edit tax list

Add it to your product - in product settings

In the pop, find the tax list and apply it to your product

Select your Tax to assign to your product

That's it - should you want to add it by product, please ask your account manager to enable this feature for you at no extra cost.

Updated on: 14/11/2022

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