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Ticket & Email templates

We have two types of emails

Account emails
These are for invoices, pro format invoices and can be found in your account settings page.

Product emails
These are related to your product and can be edited in the product settings page.

You can use to edit the content. Just copy the text from TicketingHub edit box and past it into Stackedit. Make the changes you'd like (make the text bold, add bullet points...) Then copy the text back into your TicketingHub edit box.

Adding logos, maps and images to emails

You can just drag and drop logos, maps and images into your email and ticket templates.

Please note, you must tailor the size of the image before adding it (cannot be adjusted within TicketingHub.

If your image is too large you can resize it before adding it to TicketingHub by following these steps (images included)

To reduce image size, use the program Preview => Tools => Adjust Size.

Adjust image size

Change width and height

Preview on Ticket

Once you make the image smaller it works fine (see PDF Attached).

How to use Liquid

Liquid allows you to pull data from the TicketingHub Database and add them to your emails.

For Example: {{ attendee.first_name }}

Liquid tabs you can use in your emails

test emails and tickets

Updated on: 05/01/2022

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