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How to create coupon codes

In this section we will show you how to use Coupons.

In TicketingHub we have two types of Coupons.

Multi use coupon that can be used more than once for social media and marketing
Single use codes that can only be used once and are often used for email marketing campaigns.

Log into your TH account
Click on “Coupons”
Click “Create New Coupon”
Create a code name (eg: Apple)
Set the limit (how many people can use this code)
“Starts and ends on” is the date range where people can enter the code and it works
“Valid From and Expires” is the range of dates you want them to book their tour using the discount
Percentage discount is the easiest option when using coupon codes (eg: get 10% off your ticket for the month of November!)

PLEASE NOTE: Coupon codes are generated by you for your own promotions and advertising. They're multi-use codes and different to Voucher Codes. Voucher codes are single use and usually pertain to Resellers.

Using Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a fantastic way to promote your business by running discount campaigns on social media (Facebook) or via flyers and posters.

Detailed Example:

You wish to offer a 10% discount to entice customers.
You send a Facebook Message with a code giving 10% off called “Apple”.
You run the same message on Twitter, Message with a code giving 10% off called “Banana”.
Now you can track in real time the number of sales made using these codes. Which platform was more successful? Invest more time and money in a more successful platform.

This can be applied to flyers, posters, billboards, blogs, etc to gauge what's most effective at attracting your customers.

Updated on: 27/03/2022

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