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Integrating Google Analytics with TicketingHub

TicketingHub has the capability to automatically detect your Google Analytics code if the analytics script has been installed on your website. For the tracking to work, you must activate E-commerce on your Google Analytics account. This enables sales tracking on your platform.

1. Adding Google Analytics to Your Website

Before you start, ensure that you have a Google Analytics account and you have located your tracking ID.

How to find your Tracking ID:

Log in to your Analytics account.
Click on the Admin tab.
Choose an account from the ACCOUNT column.
Choose a property from the PROPERTY column.
Under PROPERTY, click on Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your tracking ID will be displayed at the top of the page.
Insert this code into your website.

2. Enabling E-commerce to Track TicketingHub Sales

To see TicketingHub sales data, you need to activate E-commerce for each relevant view.

Steps to enable E-commerce:

Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click on Admin, and navigate to the view you want.
In the VIEW column, click on Ecommerce Settings.
Set Enable Ecommerce to ON.
Click on Next step.
Click on Submit.

Once you've installed the Analytics code on your website and activated E-commerce settings, sales tracking through TicketingHub should be enabled.

Stop Tracking Widget Pages in Google Analytics

To cease tracking widget pages, please add the following attribute to the widget script:


Connecting Google Ads

For instructions on connecting Google Ads, please refer to this page.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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