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Google AdWords Tracking

Google AdWords Tracking Integration

Google AdWords tracking can be added to your website to help you monitor and optimize your ad campaigns. This guide will show you how to add the necessary code to the pages with the widget.

Steps to Add Google AdWords Tracking

Locate the Pages with the Widget: Identify the pages on your website where the TicketingHub widget is present.
Add the Tracking Code: Insert the following JavaScript code to these pages:

  $(function() {
    document.body.addEventListener('th:order:confirmed', function(event) {
      gtag('event', 'conversion', {
        'send_to': 'AW-592797690/rESRCK67o9kCEPq_1ZoC',
        'value':' ')[1],
        'currency':' ')[0],

By following these steps, you can successfully add Google AdWords tracking to your website. This will allow you to track conversions and optimize your ad campaigns effectively.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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