Creating Bundles (via Ticket Variations)

How to Create a New Bundle on TicketingHub

Creating a new bundle in TicketingHub allows you to offer your customers a variety of experiences, wrapped up into one purchase. Follow the steps below to create a new bundle on the platform.

How to create a new bundle via Ticket Variations
1. Navigate to your product
2. Create a new ticket category
3. Set the duration
4. Set the base price
Seasonal pricing for multiple seasons

Navigate to Your Product

From the left sidebar of your dashboard, go to Products, then select the Product. This is where all your existing ticket categories are listed.

Dashboard > Select the product.

Create a New Ticket Category

Next, you'll create a new ticket category for your bundle.

Under Ticket Categories > Click on Create New Ticket Category.
Add a name for your bundle.
Optionally, add a description. This will be displayed on the widget to give your customers more details about the bundle.

Ticket Categories > Create New Ticket Category

Edit the Ticket Category: Name and Description

Set the Duration

Specify the total duration of your bundle either in hours or in minutes. This is the total time your customers can expect to spend experiencing the bundle.

Click on Advanced Settings
Select hours or minutes
Specify time duration
Click on Create Ticket Category to proceed.

Click on Advanced Settings > Set the time duration.

Set the Base Price

The next step is to set a base price for your bundle. This will be the default price across all your seasons.

However, if you have different pricing for different seasons, you'll need to adjust the prices accordingly.

Seasonal Pricing Option for Multiple Seasons

To do this, click on Seasonal Pricing (blue icon). Choose the bundle you've just created, then select the relevant seasons. Here, you can adjust the ticket price for the bundle according to each season.

Click on Save when you're done. Your new bundle, complete with adjusted seasonal pricing, is now ready for customers to enjoy.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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