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Adding Users, Restricting Access, Supplier (user) Notifications

How to Add Users and Modify Access in TicketingHub

Proper user management is key in ticketing and booking operations. Adding users and setting access levels lets you delegate tasks and maintain security. Here's how to add users and adjust their access in TicketingHub.

Creating users is easy: Settings > Users > Create New User > Fill-in & Designate > Save changes by clicking on Create User

Step 1: Log into your TicketingHub account.
Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Users
Step 3: Click Create New User
Step 4: Enter the new user's name and email.
Step 5: Assign a level of access to the new user. The access levels and their definitions are given below.
Step 6: Click Create User

Please Note: An automatic email will be sent to the new user inviting them to create their password.

Understanding User Access Levels in TicketingHub

In TicketingHub, user roles are crucial in managing access and permissions within the platform. By assigning specific roles, you can control who can access various sections and what they can do within those sections.

Below is a list of user roles, from Administrator to Entry Management, with a brief description of the permissions each role has.

Administrator: Has access to all features and settings.
Manager: Has the same access as the Administrator, but cannot delete users.
Operations: Can view the dashboard, manage availability, customers, messages, and create existing products.
Support: Can view the dashboard, manage bookings, customers, messages, resellers, and create existing products.
Finance: Can view the dashboard, manage reports, shift manager settings, payments, resellers, and create existing products. They cannot manage bookings.
BoxOffice: Can view the dashboard, manage bookings, resellers, and create existing products.
Channel Manager: Can view sales for a white-labelled website for a reseller. For example, see
User Manager: Can add or remove users from the supplier account.
Entry Management: Can view the dashboard and create existing products.

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Updated on: 12/07/2023

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