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Adding Users, Restricting Access, Supplier (user) Notifications

Log into your TH account
Click on Settings
Click "Add New User"
Enter name and email
Add a level of access (definitions below)
Click Add User

PLEASE NOTE: An email will automatically be sent asking them to create a password

Definitions - User Access Levels

ManagerEverything, but can't delete users
OperationsDashboard, Availability, Customers, Messages, Create Product (enter existing)
SupportDashboard, Bookings (See Financial Reporting), Customers, Messages, Reseller, Create Product (enter existing
FinanceDashboard, Reporting, Shift Manager, Payments (but not bookings), Resellers, Create Product (enter existing)
BoxOfficeDashboard, Bookings (See Financial Reporting), Resellers, Create Product (enter existing)
Channel Manager

Users if you want to create a white-labelled website for a reseller. The reseller can log in and see their sales.
see |
User Manager | Can add or remove users from the supplier account |
Entry Management | Dashboard, Create Product (enter existing) |

Automated notifications

Click the blue "Megaphone" symbol next to the user.

Set Notifications

Select the notifications you want

Select which notifications

(Full list of definitions available at Automated Emails & Notifications for you and your staff below)

Then select all the products or just a few.

Now, this user will receive Notifications.

**List of automated emails and notifications.**

Daily summary
The Daily Summary gives you a breakdown of your sales for the day.

Guide Manifest
This is the Manifest that is sent to a guide.

Every Manifest
Click this if you want to receive all the manifest (Guest-lists) for events. You can set this when you receive this on your product settings page.

First Booking for option
This is very important for any walking tour, a food tour. It allows you to get a notification when someone is the first person to book for an option. Now you know you need to assign a guide and that the tour will be running.

Confirm Orders
This is a notification for every confirmed order.

Cancelled Bookings
This is a notification for each cancelled booking. Bookings can only be cancelled from the backend.

Provisional Orders
A provisional order is when we reserve seats without payment and send a pro-format invoice to the client.

Confirmed provisional orders
This is when the provisional status was removed, a payment was made and the order confirmed.

Transfer Statement (Stripe Only)
This only works for clients using Stripe as your payment Gateway and we send you a stripe Transfer Statement.

Extra Stock Threshold
This notification is for when you run out of your stock for you Extras. You can set the Threshold when you create your extra.

Event Capacity Reached
We will let you know you reached capacity so you can potentially add more.

Extra Purchased
We send you a message when someone buys an extra so you can prepare for it. (hotel Pickup, Picknick... )

Updated on: 03/01/2022

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