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Add or Block availabilities

ℹ️ In ticketingHub, we have two ways of adding availability. You can either create a Season or a Exception



SEASONif you run the same tour/event/activity at least once a week
EXCEPTIONif you organise one-off events or infrequent events (every two weeks, one a month, once a year)


A season is a week that we replicate and can be used for Summer, Winter, High Season, Low Season, All year_

To start, Log into your TH account => Click on your product => Click on "**availability**" and click on create a new season.

Create new season

Season Name can be Winter 2019, then add a start date. The end date is optional.

Now add times by clicking the green + Button

Add a time & Capacity

Name (optional)
If you add a Name, it will replace the Time with the text. This is if you want the morning to say morning Sail, instead of 9 am.

2. Time (mandatory)
This is the start time of your tour

This is the capacity for your tour. if left blank, it will be unlimited.

Assign Guide / User (optional)
This is to assign a Guide to your tour.

This is to assign assets to options. This is used by Escape Rooms, VR experiences, Boat Hire, Coach hire... It allows you to have shared and private Assets that each has its own capacity. TicketingHub will stop selling tickets when your assets or option capacity have run out.

Season Availability

You can remove times of the week where you are not operating by clicking on the date and time and editing that specific option and clicking the red rubbish bin to make "unavailable" on the calendar.


Exception allow you to Block dates (closed) or Change the time for just one day

Exception are used as overrides to your season or for one-off events, and festivals.

If using seasons, but you need to block out a specific date or change times and capacities that you would normally operate (eg: you go on holidays, you’re closed for Christmas, your running less/more tours that day), then you must create a variation for that specific date.

Log into your TH account
Click on your product
Click on "availability"
Click "Create New Variation"

Create new Exception

Choose a name that means something to you (e.g.: Christmas Closure)
For a single date, you only need to enter the one date (left box)
Click update season
Either click the red rubbish bin to make "unavailable" on the calendar.
Or click the yellow pencil and reduce capacity to zero to display sold out
If you wish to just alter capacity - increase or decrease - just use the yellow pencil to alter your capacity.
To add a new time, click the green button (plus symbol) to add a new time and capacity.

Updated on: 31/10/2022

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