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5 steps to start selling

Here's how to start selling with TicketingHub in minutes.

5 steps to start selling


1. Connect Payment GatewayWe support 120 different gateways from Stripe, Paypal, WorldPay, Adyen...
2. Create a ProductCreate your first product, then simply clone the next ones.
3. Create AvailabilityAdd a season (repeating week) or an exception (one-off)
4. Create TicketsGive it a name. Fill in description, set the price, and set the maximum number of tickets per purchase.
5. Create WidgetCreate a widget. Customize it your brand. Add the code on your website and you're good to go!

Connect Payment Gateway

Go to your Account> Settings

Step 1: Go to Account Settings

Click on Integrations

Step 2: Go to Integrations

Activate a payment gateway

Step 3: Click on the blue 'Activate' button for your preferred payment gateway.

Fill in your merchant account details> Click Update Supplier to save changes

Step 4: Complete merchant account details. Click 'Update Supplier' to save changes.

Please Note: The Spreedly integration is fairly technical. So if you choose to integrate with this partner, please get in touch with us so we can help you connect with it.

Create a Product

On your dashboard> Click (+) Create

Step 1: On the left side of your dashboard, click the (+) Create button.

Select New Product

Step 2: Click on 'New Product'

Fill in with your product (tour) details. Then, click Create Product to save changes.

Step 3: Complete tour details and save changes.

Create Availability

On your dashboard, Go to Products

Step 1: Go to Products

Select the Product (or the tour)

Step 2: Select the Product (or the tour) you are selling.

Go to Availability

Step 3: Go to Availability

Create availability depending on the type of tour you are selling.

Create Season (regular/weekly tours)

Click on Create New Season for regular (weekly and daily) tours
Name the season
Choose start date and end date
Click Create Season to save changes

Create Exception (single/infrequent events)

Click on Create New Season for single/infrequent events.

Provide name for the exception (e.g. Christmas 2023)
Select date/s
Save changes

Create Tickets

Select the Product (or tour)

Step 1: Click on Products and select the tour.

Go to Tickets> Create New Ticket

Step 2: On the Tickets tab > Click Create New Ticket

Fill in details:
Name your ticket type (adult, child, etc)
Leave size of a ticket at 1 (unless a family ticket)
Write a description (how long, what’s includes and why they want to come)
Set price
Set limit maximum amount any one customer can buy
Click on Create Ticket to save changes

Read the full guide about Creating Tickets for more information.

Create Widget

On your Account Dashboard > Widgets (left side)

Step 1: Click on Widgets

Click on Create New Widget

Step 2: Click 'Create New Widget'

Customize the widget to your brand.

Step 3: Customize the widget to your brand. On the left side of the screen, you can see a Preview of how the widget will look like on screen.
Fill-in tour details
Add tour extras (if you are upselling merchandise products)
Customize the colors

Here's a complete guide about TicketingHub's booking widget: know the features, examples, and its benefits for your tour website.

Once you're done, copy the widget code (top right) and paste it into your site as HTML.

Step 4: Simply copy + paste the widget code into your site as HTML.

Start Selling!

Don't forget to paste the widget code on your website - you can now START SELLING!

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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