How to set up your Point of Sale (POS) on iOS or android in Seconds

Whether you plan to have a fixed or mobile POS, it only takes a few minutes to set up with TicketingHub.

Once your account is set up, and you've added your products you can now download our Mobile APP to sell, manage or scan tickets.

You can download it from the APP store or the enterprise version of it by following this link


To download outpost please

go to
Click on the app logo

Once the application is installed, tap it to start its work.

Try top open the app
At the first run the app display info about Untrusted Enterprise Developer as pictured here

Untrusted APP

In order to make developer trusted and application working, go to Settings -> General -> Profile & Device Management and on the list of the Enterprise App tap on TicketingHub Ltd (pictured here):

Device Management

After entering tap on Trust TicketingHub Ltd link (pictured here):

Trust TicketingHub

Once trust command fired, the device will display confirmation as pictured here

Trust TicketingHub on this phone

The App can also be downloaded from the app store but we recommend the Enterprise version as we can make amendments without having to get it reviewed by apple which takes up to 1 week.
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