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How to Apply Discounts in TicketingHub in 3 Ways

Adding or removing discounts in TicketingHub is a simple and straightforward process. However, you need to bear in mind that these changes need to be implemented before a payment is made. Once a payment has been processed, you will not be able to apply or remove discounts.

To get started, you have the flexibility of applying discounts using three distinct methods:

3 Ways in Adding Discounts
Method 1: Coupons or Special Rates
Method 2: Adjust Ticket Prices
Method 3: Apply discount directly via the Order Page

Apply Coupons or Special Rates during Booking Creation

Start by creating a new order.

From your dashboard > click on the blue + Create button > select Create New Order.
Under Bookings > Add Booking
Choose the appropriate product for the order.
Once you're in the Booking Options, you can apply preloaded Coupons or Special Rates as per your requirements.

Dashboard > Create New Order

Click on Add Booking

Select Product > Select Coupon or Special Rate

Adjust Ticket Prices Directly

Another method to offer discounts is by manually changing the price of the ticket.

Do the same process above:
On the order page > Create a New Booking
Under the Ticket Quantities section > Adjust the prices

Under Ticket Quantities > Click on the yellow button to adjust the price of the ticket

For instance, if you have a corporate booking that includes additional services like food and drinks, you can adjust the price per person accordingly. This method directly updates the total order price for the customer.

Add Discounts via the Order Page

The third method allows you to apply discounts directly from the Order Page.

Navigate to the Discounts Box

Discounts section > Add Discount

Remember to apply all discounts before finalizing the payment. Any adjustments to the discount cannot be made post-payment. These three methods provide you with flexible and diverse ways to manage discounts in TicketingHub, thereby offering tailored services to your customers.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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