Product Settings: Auto emails, booking fees, manifest timing, voucher expiry dates, etc

To access your product's settings click on your product on the main dashboard and then click “Settings

Bookings Fees

 Every time you create a new product, it will automatically set a booking fee so that the use of our solution is free for you to use. You can decide to absorb our fees, by removing the booking fee or make some profits by increasing the booking fee. Delete or change as you see fit.

Booking Fees can also be used for taxes and can be added on top or included. 

Product Settings

Beneath the bright red “delete” button you’ll see a little box called Product setting (top right).  Click edit to change the product name and currency, but also to change the timings for when the manifest is sent to you, when the reminder and post tour emails are set and how long gift vouchers are valid for.

Automated Emails

Edit the text here to reflect your own messaging.

PLEASE NOTE:  “Ticket Booking Confirmation Email” is the most important email of all.  This is the email that is sent when a customer makes a purchase.  Think about adding meeting locations, address information, things they should bring, T&Cs and all the important information that customers might want/need when coming to any tour/event/venue.