Mobile Point of Sale (POS) device

Mobile POS solution (mobile Applications)

Mobile EPOS that ties directly into your inventory

Enables realtime manifest data and entry management system

Issue and redeem/scan tickets and vouchers anytime, anywhere. 

Doubles as a drop-in point-of-sale for selling tickets on the door

Can be used as a roaming sales desk

Please purchase the XYZ device through TicketingHub directly. TicketingHub will then encode the device to your account and ABC

***PLEASE NOTE**:  The mobile POS will require the TicketingHub App (available in iTunes) an iPhone 5 or higher with iOS 8 or higher to operate.  Android version is currently under development, but not available.* 

Mobile Printer (mobile POS solution)

The mobile POS solution can include a modular printer extension to print tickets and receipts on the go.

Please purchase directly through TicketingHub.

Downloading the TicketingHub App

Allows you to scan tickets at the entrance of your venue/event, access the manifest and check off participants, make additional bookings and amend existing bookings. 

The App is required for mobile POS solutions.

PLEASE NOTE:  Must have an iPhone 5 or higher with iOS 8 or higher.

Android App is being developed, but not currently available.